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Collier School Admission Process:

Families, case managers and child study team members alike are encouraged to contact us regarding our admission process and schedule a tour.

Collier School works cooperatively with local school districts to place students in an environment that will meet their needs. The district will send student records such as the IEP, educational testing, and social and psychological reports to us.

The records will be reviewed and if the student is an appropriate candidate, the district case manager will be called to schedule an intake. The Child Study Team Case Manager, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and the Student are invited to the intake meeting.

During the intake, our team will share information about the school as you visit our campus. The student will spend time with Collier School team members getting to know your child.  At the conclusion of the tour, all team members, including the family and district case manager convene to discuss whether Collier School may be an appropriate fit for the student. A decision to accept a student is usually made at the conclusion of the visit.


For more information, please contact Ashley Staggard, LPC, Clinical Coordinator of Student Programming and Outreach

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