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Work Based Learning

What is Work Based Learning?

What Constitutes a WBL?
Work Based Learning Experiences are defined as any experiential, supervised, in-depth, learning experiences that are designed to offer students the opportunity to more fully explore career interest within one or more of the Career Clusters as described in N.J.A.C 6A:8-3.2 Career Education and Counseling. WBL's provide students with internships to demonstrate and apply a high level of academic attainment and to develop career, personal and social goals consistent with the New jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards: NJCCCS
Program Description:
The WBL program is designed to assist high school students in training, skill development and independence in the workforce.  Students are placed at school or community work sites for a few hours a week.  They receive on the job support through coaching and workplace accommodations provided by the work site mentor and WBL Coordinator.  The WBL Coordinator will develop an individualized student training plan that will implement goals and objectives aligned with the NJCCCS.  At the conclusion of this experience students will have the opportunity to create a resume and will be awarded five or more credits for each semester completed.  A WBL may be paid or unpaid.
Collier's WBL:

The WBL program allows eligible students to be placed at either school or community work-sites.  Students will develop workplace skills and confidence, understand how to meet employer expectations and explore time management and professionalism.  Our employer partners will benefit in many ways as well.  Employers will gain the benefits of what our students have to offer in terms of service and productivity.  Participating companies can build community goodwill and positive public relations.  Employers can experience feelings of gratification knowing that their assistance has made a difference in the life of a young person.
Want to become a WBL Provider?  Here you can find the information about our WBL program that is needed as a host to an intern.

Role of the Provider:

  • Provide a supervised opportunity that is structured and provides the learning of occupational skills as well as learning how to work
  • Provide participating student intern with an assigned job mentor
  • Provide enough work and a variety of experiences  for the student intern to fill the time spent on site with meaningful assignments
  • Complete written evaluations of the performance of the student intern and submit to WBL coordinator
  • Maintain communication with WBL coordinator
  • Provide access to the WBL coordinator for a site visit
  • Work with  WBL coordinator to improve & expand the program 
  • Participate in a school-specific Industry Advisory Board if Possible

Thank you to Our Main Partners:

  • Chocolate Carousel
  • Count Basie Theater
  • Danny Clinch Transparent Gallery
  • Educational Resource Systems, Inc.
  • Huddy's Inn
  • JeT'aime Coiffure at the Galleria
  • Jiffylube
  • Lydia's Magic Touch
  • Mother Knitter
  • Monmouth Battlefield State Park
  • Monmouth County Parks System
  • Morganville Flower Farm
  • Old Bridge Animal Shelter
  • Orada Technology
  • Santiago Sports
  • Zumiez


Stacey Amato
WBL Coordinator
p.732-946-4771 x301

Work Based Learning

Pictured Above:
Scott Pendell, Collier WBL student placed in the Monmouth County Park System with aspirations of becoming a naturalist

             Thank you to our main partners!