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Alternative School Information

Every student is unique when it comes to learning. Some students may not work well within the public school system and will require a more specialized education program. Alternative schools are one way that these students can thrive. 赌球平台推荐 is an alternative high school in Monmouth County, NJ providing a wide range of services for students with special needs.

What is an Alternative School?

An alternative school is a school that doesn’t provide the typical educational experience. Another way to think of an alternative school is that it is designed to educate students who haven’t been successful in regular schools, often due to behavioral issues or learning disabilities.

Collier’s Alternative High School has resources and a specialized curriculum to cater the learning experience so it fits each student. Alternative schools are designed to address a variety of different needs, so they have very diverse student bodies. Some of the students most likely to attend alternative schools may experience the following:

  • 抑郁症 

  • 焦虑 

  • Poor socialization skills/isolation 

  • Oppositional/defiant behavior 

  • Discouragement/low motivation 

  • 学校拒绝 

  • 心情,注意

  • Adjustment difficulties

Collier Alternative High School Education 课程

Throughout our courses, to the extent appropriate, NJ Student Learning Standards are addressed in addition to the students' Individual Education Plans. Our population requires much flexibility in terms of content and pace, and our special education curriculum is designed to serve as a general guideline. Our courses closely follow the structure of the courses developed and offered in NJ public schools. Our teachers will make curricular adaptations in instruction, 材料, 课程内容, and assessment practices based on the student’s IEP according to 6A:14-3.7 as we instruct students in the NJ Student Learning Standards through a general education curriculum.

Our course offerings include:

  • 数学

    • 算术

    • 代数我

    • 代数IA & IB

    • 代数2

    • Concepts of 几何

    • 几何

    • Pre-微积分/Trigonometry

    • 微积分

    • 概率 & 统计数据

    • Personal financial Literacy

  • 科学

    • 生物学

    • 化学

    • Environmental 科学

    • 法医科学

    • 物理

  • 英语

    • Advanced American 文学

    • Advanced British 文学

    • American 文学 (Eng. 3)

    • British 文学 (Eng. IV)

    • 创意写作

    • 英语艺术

    • 英语我

    • 英语二世 

    • 文学 Through Film

    • 文学 & 写作策略

    • 世界文学

  • 社会研究

    • 人类学

    • 刑事司法

    • 心理学

    • 社会学

    • United States 历史 I

    • United States 历史 II

    • 世界历史

  • 世界语言

    • 意大利我

    • 意大利二世

    • 西班牙语我

    • 西班牙二世

    • 西班牙语III - IV 

    • Spanish Challenge Course

  • 视觉艺术 & 音乐

    • 动画

    • 数码摄影

    • 戏剧

    • 画 & 绘画

    • 器乐

    • 音乐理论

    • 雕塑

    • 工作室艺术I-IV

    • 工作室艺术II, III & IV

    • 剧场技术

    • 视频研讨会

    • 声乐(合唱)

  • 体育/健康

    • 司机的教育

    • 健康

    • 健康1 - 3

    • 体育课

    • 整体健康

  • 21世纪生活 & 职业生涯

    • Agriscience (Greenhouse Management)

    • 剃毛

    • 建筑行业

    • Computer Applications I-IV

    • Computer 科学 Discoveries

    • Computer 科学 Principles (Coding)

    • 美容

    • 烹饪艺术

    • 电影制作

    • 音乐 Technology – Pro tools

    • 良好的生产

    • Stem -机器人

For more information on these classes visit our 课程页面.

Special Education School 治疗的支持 项目

赌球平台推荐 offers a wide variety of therapeutic support programs to meet every student's needs. Each student is assigned a licensed counselor that they meet with at least once a week. Some of the specific programs we offer include:


Extended School Year Program

JET (Job Experience Training) is a life and job skills ESY program designed to help at-risk students become more employable and develop into fully contributing members of the community. The goal of all JET activities is to develop teamwork and build self-confidence.

The target population includes High School students who are in need of guidance and structure to prepare for a productive future. 

Specific job responsibilities in which JETs participate:

  • 景观

  • 绘画 and light construction projects

  • 生产陶瓷

  • 版画

  • Digital 音乐 Production

  • Assistance with office work

  • General maintenance of trails, campus grounds, and buildings

Additional components of the JET program may include:

  • 学生得2分.5 credits in Financial Literacy

  • Transition Program for students entering high school

  • Individual and group counseling

  • 愤怒管理

  • 解决冲突

  • 健康y lifestyle choices

  • Daily recreation time

  • Field trips and guest speakers

Learn More 关于 Our Alternative High School Program

Contact 赌球平台推荐 在Wickatunk, NJ to learn more about our special education offerings, as well as our expanded programs with Collier Youth Services.